Built for personalisation from the ground up

Persomi was built from the ground up in response to a real business need that retailers kept telling us about. The need for a real-time personalisation solution that delivers each customer a personalised customer journey across all touchpoints. A solution that does this no matter how each customer chooses to interact with the retail brand; either online, instore or a fusion of both; irrespective of time. So it’s not just an ESP that has morphed into a personalisation tool; or just one of a raft of personalisation tools a retailer needs - it was created to be the only personalisation tool a retailer needs, from day one.

Easy to Use

We’ve featured an easy WYSIWYG editor and campaign builder. And because Persomi’s an omnichannel solution you only need to build your personalisation campaigns in one place: automated workflow takes care of the cross channel delivery.

It’s simple to set up and our team of retail specialists are available to share current best practice and introduce campaigns that are easy to set up and maintain and deliver good ongoing results such as ‘welcome / nursery campaigns’, or ‘disappeared customer’ or abandoned basket’. Many of these can just be tweaked to suit your objectives rather than setup from scratch.

Clear reporting lets you know exactly where you are at all times.


Monthly fee payable, based on your monthly website sessions.

Figures from recent campaigns show the impressive ROI on Persomi campaigns. In fact one client have have managed to get return on investment to cover a 4 month period of licenses from just one campaign.


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