Browse abandonment
Browse abandonment

Encourage people who have abandoned browsing to complete their purchase.

If a customer abandons their browsing, entice them back using multiple touchpoints such as web banners, email, SMS, or social media. Easily configurable behavioural rules determine strategies for each customer’s re-engagement, for example:

Simply send a browse abandonment email, linked to behaviour and timed to suit your business.
Don’t have the browser’s email address? That’s ok - with Persomi we can still identify who they are on the web and display a pop up of what they recently viewed so they can continue their customer journey.

By using Persomi’s advanced data engine, any strategy can be selected to display products based on an individual’s customer journey, or perhaps your type of business. For example, you may want to display products based on their browsing habits over a period of time and what other similar customers ended up purchasing, rather than just past browsing history.