Use recommendations to increase conversions, upsells,
cross-sells and basket sizes.  

Recommendations play an important role in creating coherent customer journeys, allowing a customer to continue their journey where they left off.

Persomi’s personalised and dynamic recommendation feeds can be dropped into any stage of a customer’s journey, with real time adaptations – you just need to decide which items to feature within the feed, and at which customer touchpoints/events the recommendations should appear.

Recommendations are not limited to web banners.  Use them in popups, emails, postcards, Facebook ads, push notifications, printed/emailed receipts, or even in-store at point of sale for cross-sell/upsell.

Here’s some examples of how retailers have been using recommendations:

Ensure continuation of customer journey and help navigation by featuring items a customer viewed previously on a homepage banner.
Include recommendations at the bottom of a search based on what a customer has viewed during the current/previous visits.
Automatically trigger an email serving recommendations based on the customer’s last purchase, encouraging repeat visits and cross-sells.

ROI Stats

  • 4x more conversions from visitors viewing personalised recommendations (vs non-personalised recommendations).

  • 10% of monthly takings attributed to a personalised banner containing ‘recently viewed items

  • Personalised recommendation pop up at checkout increased average number of items in basket by 13%

  • ‘Previously viewed’ on homepage banner generated 3109% ROI on Persomi monthly fee

Why Persomi?

  • Single omnichannel approach to personalisation, not achievable using channel orientated tools.

  • Pre-defined campaigns to get you started; but you’re not limited to hard coded campaigns as with some solutions, giving your business the competitive edge.

  • Easy to Use, intuitive WYSIWYG web designer.

  • Integrates with any software.