Why has Ellis Brigham embraced personalisation? “Our customers have a large product range to choose from, and have diverse interests and requirements. So delivering personalised, relevant content and emails to our website visitors in real time, in order to reduce abandonment, maximise conversion rates and improve the overall user experience is currently at the top of our priority list”.

Why Persomi? “In Persomi we recognised a product that is easy to implement, easy to use and ticks all the boxes for our strategic objectives.  Its built in workflow is key, allowing us to deliver a consistently personalised experience across all customer touchpoints”.

How are you getting on with Persomi? “Using Persomi has been a breeze in all honesty. Its intuitive and straightforward user management system lets a user easily create campaigns and quickly publish them in a matter of minutes. The campaign creator provides a logical way of defining sets of data to drive defined personalisation to visitors browsing through the site, and allows us to present relevant products and other content to them in real time.

One of the strongest features in Persomi is the banner / pop up creator. When creating the application the developers have really looked at it from a designer’s point of view.  Simple things like adding in masks to emphasise on-page pop ups without all the complicated coding is really handy. Other great elements are full control of alignment, text wrapping around existing site features and being able to drop banners where ever you like on any page”.

Sum it up in a sentence…

“All in all Persomi has been very easy to use, and it delivers all the benefits we need to offer a personalised experience to our customers.”

If you’re tackling personalisation, and learning more about our clients’ personalisation experiences is of interest, then get in touch with us.