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Real-time omnichannel personalisation

Imagine if you could quickly and simply personalise every customer's digital experience with your brand in real time.

Watch our short video below.

Meet Persomi

Real Time
Respond automatically & in real time to complex customer behaviours
Simple to set up
Cloud based
Intelligent workflow
For consistent offers and communications across all channels
Use templates to create custom banners and campaigns
Measure your success and optimise
Easy to afford
Affordable monthly payments

Persomi at a glance….

Behaviour based
Website personalisation
Personalised emails
Real time analytics
Workflow automation
Dynamic content (text & images)
SMS campaigns
Intelligent upsells & cross sells
Product recommendations
Personalised merchandising
ESP integration available
Basket abandonment
Geo-location offers
Exit-Intent technology
WYSIWYG web editor
A/B testing
Personalised landing pages
Web banners
Web event tracking
CRM integration
Search keyword personalisation
Personalised postcards
Preconfigured email templates
Promotional code tracking

3 easy steps to personalisation:

Use JavaScript to track customer behaviour
Create custom banners and campaigns
Measure your success & optimise

"We can now use Persomi for a multitude of personalisation elements on the website, and its multichannel nature allows us to deliver a more ‘joined up’ approach to our overall marketing and promotional strategy”

"Delivering tailored website content and emails in real time is at the top of our priority list, along with reducing basket abandonment, maximising conversion rates and improving overall user experience"

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