Complete Customer Journey Personalisation

  • Meet James

    Meet James

    This is his unique customer journey*
  • Browse Products

    Browse Products

    Touchpoint: Mobile


    There’s a chill in the air as James makes his way to the station; he hops on the train and browses winter jackets on his mobile. He spends some time reading the reviews of your Snazzy Snow jacket and zooms in on the pictures of your Warm as Toast one.  He also browses torches. He downloads your Loyalty App and agrees to location tracking.  
  • View In-store

    View In-store

    Touchpoint: Loyalty App


    When passing your store he receives a push notification via your app prompting him to step inside, try on your Snazzy Snow and Warm as Toast jackets for size. He does.  Heat maps log that he also spends more than 3 minutes in some other areas of your store - ‘torches’, winter boots, ‘Down Jackets’ and ‘winter hats’. James doesn’t make a purchase on this occasion.
  • Open Email

    Open Email

    Touchpoint: Email

    Sunday AM

    Receives an email, featuring images of Snazzy Snow,Warm as Toast and two Down Jackets (selected using intelligence Persomi has collected about his colour preferences) and an offer: “ 10% off these jackets if you purchase within the next 12 hours".
  • Click through to website

    Click through to website

    Touchpoint: Banners

    Sunday PM

    Revisits email and clicks through to your website. A  banner displays throughout his visit, showing the same offer he has just received in the email.  He can also see a timer counting down reminding him when the 10% offer ends.
  • Purchase


    Touchpoint: Laptop

    Monday AM

    At the point of purchase he is offered upsells based on previous behaviour - a selection of torches and winter hats - with a ‘Free Delivery’ incentive. He buys a Warm as Toast coat, a matching hat and a headtorch.
  • Receive SMS

    Receive SMS

    Touchpoint: SMS


    His purchases arrive on Wednesday. On Thursday he receives an SMS and is invited to review his purchases.  
  • Click through to web

    Click through to web

    Touchpoint: Web (Mobile)


    James clicks through to the website and completes his product reviews.  He’s incentivised to share his reviews with his social network
  • Share on Social

    Share on Social

    Touchpoint: Social


    Shares his reviews with his social networks.
This is just one example...persomi can deliver an infinite number of personalised customer journeys automatically and in real time.
Personalising the customer experience for
  • Increase data capture and sales amongst anonymous customers

    Objectives To identify when anonymous customers were about to leave.

  • increase sales and reduce abandonment using Persomi

    Objectives Reduce basket abandonment by using personalised recommendations to increase.

  • Personalisation: Can your retail business afford not to?

    Collection of statistics from recent successful personalisation campaigns undertaken by.