Omnichannel personalisation Software

Helping retailers engage, convert and retain more customers, across more channels, than their competitors.

for your customers

This is just one example...

Persomi can deliver an infinite number of personalised customer journeys automatically and in real time!

for you

Simple Visual Editor

and intuitive templates, no coding needed

Quick Integration

Sits on top of existing systems to drive 1:1 engagement

More Channels

including website, email, in-store, postcards, etc.

One User Interface

to set up cross channel

Managed Service

if you’re a small or very busy team, just shout!

Automated campaigns

Free flowing and always responding to behaviours

How it works
each individual

Combines rich real-time behavioural insight with transactional & purchase history data from any channel to reveal exactly how each browser and customer is interacting with your brand

Respond to behaviours
in a meaningful 1:1 way

Powerful automation builder and open architecture allows you to select the optimum touchpoint for personalisation. Then decide which content should be personalised and how, and what triggers its appearance.

Evaluate campaign

...and drive future campaigns. And don’t an individual responds to a campaign triggers the next stage of their personalised journey….

True omnichannel automation
  •   Join up customer data
  • from multiple devices and in-store activity

  •   One user interface
  • for seamless campaign building

  •   More channels than other providers,
  • including website, email, in-store, postcards, SMS, push notifications, Facebook and Web Hooks

  •   Personalise at the optimum touchpoint
  • (rather than the channel your provider has a vested interest in)

    Put data in the driving seat
  •    Capture extensive, detailed data on customer interactions, even down to the text that they highlight on your site
  •    Use powerful fine-level criteria to automate precisely where, when, how and to whom your personalised content is shown
  •    Design 100% flexible content to be embedded on your site, added as a popup or sent via email/SMS, which ‘magically’ matches your existing look and feel
  • More configurable than other solutions
  •   Differentiate your strategy
  • with sophisticated omnichannel campaigns

  •   Fully automated
  • and more configurable than other solutions

  •   Easy plans
  • straight out of the box to get you started

  •   Proven to increase engagement,
  • conversions and retention

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