If you can tick these three things off your list, you’re well on the way to achieving fully personalised customer journeys for each and every customer.

1 - Understand each individual

Have they bought from you before, or do they just browse your site? How frequently do they browse/buy? Which items do they view most? Which touchpoints do they use to intereact with you? Which channels are they most responsive to? Which items have they zoomed in on or clicked on?

Understanding the answers to these and many more questions gives you a full picture of each individual’s behaviour. Combine this with transactional & purchase history data from other channels to reveal exactly how each browser and customer is interacting with your brand.

2- Respond to behaviours in a meaningful 1: 1 way

Once you’ve got to know each customer, start to build their ultimate customer journey to achieve maximum sales and optimum customer retention. Select the optimum touchpoint/s for personalisation. Then decide which content should be personalised and how, and what factors should trigger its appearance.

3 - Evaluate campaign effectiveness

See what worked, and what didn’t in order to optimise future campaigns. And understand how similar indivduals responded to campaigns, too. And don’t forget…use an individual’s response to a campaign to trigger the next stage of their personalised journey….

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