Objectives: ASPACE, retailer of exclusive children’s bedroom furniture, wanted to increase conversion rates for customers who are known to them (i.e. those with an ID) and for anonymous users.Increasing average order value was also a key objective.

Approach: Over one month ASPACE selected a series of personalised recommendations to achieve their objectives. Recommendations were served, in real time, based on each visitor’s interactions with the website and included:

  • Personalised recommendation banners on product detail pages.
  • Personalised recommendation banners at checkout.
This approach was employed for all customers as Persomi can track, and respond to, behaviour of each and every customer (not just those with an ID).


  • 4x more conversions from visitors viewing personalised recommendations vs non personalised recommendations.
  • Pop up at checkout increased average number of items in basket by 13%.
In addition, they identified that a high proportion of visitors left their website via searches that delivered no results and 404 pages, so also served personalised recommendations at this point . This reduced the number of visitors leaving the website via these pages and generated substantial sales that would otherwise have been lost.