Background: With products ranging from ski wear to walking boots and climbing equipment to clothing, Ellis Brigham recognises the business benefits of delivering a personalised, relevant and engaging experience to each customer.

Ellis Brigham selected Persomi to deliver omnichannel personalisation. It allows them to serve personalised web, email and SMS content in real time; in order to reduce abandonment, maximise sales and conversion rates, increase browsing time and enhance the overall customer experience.

Approach: Six campaigns were run on the Ellis Brigham website:

  • Campaigns of various lengths ran over a 2 month period.
  • Each campaign took minutes to set up using an intuitive user interface; with no programming skills required.
  • £4,328 of winter clothing sales attributed to a banner highlighting a sale over 14 days.
  • Linking to rich content such as product buying guides generated additional revenue of £2,500 in just two product categories.
  • Competition pop up – proactively capturing data of first time ‘non-purchasing visitors’ to the website at point of exit.
  • Sales made by people who remained on the website as a result of the competition pop up.
  • Margins not erroded by unnecessarily giving away discounts or free delivery to those who would have purchased without these incentives.
  • Higher sales conversion rates.
Ellis Brigham only used a small fraction of Persomi’s web functionality in this period. They look forward to employing many more of the web features such as product recommendations and personalised landing pages based on search; plus email, SMS and automated workflow functionality.