We don’t need to tell you that the number of possible ways for a retailer to connect with their customers has mushroomed into a broader array of channels and devices than has ever been seen before.

What’s more, in the case of retailers with both a physical store and an online presence, an additional challenge is to coordinate both of these interaction sets in a way that’s seamless for the customer but also maximises revenue.

And this is a challenge: ideally you should be using as wide a range of digital channels as possible and embrace social media, whilst also keeping in sync with the customer sales and behaviour that is happening in-store. Your aim should be a wide range of channels converging on a single, cohesive customer journey.


So, let’s imagine that a customer has built up a sales history over time by shopping in-store, but has also been browsing items online without any purchases so far.

Now, suppose that this customer comes into a physical store again and makes a purchase, and on this occasion requests a digital receipt be sent to their email address. The key questions is: how can this customer’s sale on one channel be used as an opportunity to follow up on a missed conversion from another?

And while we’re here, there are other questions to bear in mind as well: Which channels overall will have the greatest impact on conversion rate and/or revenue? Will different customer demographic groups favour different channels for products? Can we quantify how the number of different touchpoint types affects our outcomes?


Persomi’s designed to help a retailer with all of these scenarios - allowing you to follow up on digital behaviour via physical channels, and physical behaviour via digital channels.

So for the scenario above, the first step would be to integrate your in-store sales data into Persomi, which is easily achievable using the Persomi data uploads feature. If you have any additional custom Ecommerce/CRM fields that you would also like to upload into Persomi, then our integration team can work with you to help get this configured.

Once this integration is complete, it will now be possible to benefit from Persomi’s many product recommendation strategies during in-store sales too, using data from all customer interactions right across your business. And since our customer has requested a digital receipt, then an excellent option is to add ‘bought also bought’ recommendations to the bottom of the receipt that Persomi can supply in real time.

The second step will be to create an automation that follows up on all purchases (including in-store) after one week via email to request a product review; at the bottom of this email we include another feed detailing the three most recent abandoned browsing items. If the customer still hasn’t visited the site to add reviews within the next three days, then we also send another reminder via text.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased in-store sales from the ‘bought also bought’ recommendations on the digital receipts.
  • Decreased abandoned browsing churn due to reminders included with the review-request emails/texts.
  • Increase in overall conversion rate.
  • Reduced abandoned browsing churn from the Facebook ads and postcards for big-ticket items, as the number of touchpoints increase.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due the cohesive, joined-up customer journey.

If you’d be interested in a more in depth discussion about the ways that Persomi could help your business with this, or for us to pull together some free of charge use cases, then contact us.