“Almost two-fifths of shoppers would be less inclined to shop around if they received a personalised service”

Despite this, we’ve asked some UK consumers about their experiences, and results suggest that in some cases there’s still a long way to go……

  1. “Following the purchase of a toddler bed and mattress, sending me some recommendations in an email – which comprised, you’ve guessed it – a toddler bed and mattress!!  If they’d suggested the storage units I’d just been looking at on their website then perhaps this email would have resulted in a sale”.

  2. “Cross-sell suggestions (drink bottle and hairband) at checkout from a sportswear retailer following my purchase of pilates trousers . If they knew how I’d been browsing their website for the past five minutes, they’d know I’d be most likely to purchase a green yoga mat – a much higher value item”.

  3. “An email from a stationary & gifts retailer profiling their new wedding stationary – I’m divorced and not planning another wedding any time soon!! They know I’m interested in the kids’ stuff and giftware and have looked at a particular bag a number of times. A gentle reminder about the bag may have resulted in a purchase”.

Is your brand guilty of any of these scenarios?

If you’re not guilty – great.

If you are - then we can help you start collecting behavioural data for the customers and potential customers that visit your website (all you need to do is drop a JavaScript tag into your website).

Plus we can provide some great off the shelf strategies so that you could soon have meaningful personalisation up and running for as little as £200 month (depending on your web traffic).