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  • Sep 29, 2015
  • 3 min
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Ellis Brigham 'Personalisation - striking the right balance between cool and creepy'

You may have read Zak Hood of Ellis Brigham’s comments about their personalisation journey with Persomi in Retail Week. Read on to hear the full interview and tips and advice about personalisation and how to ensure that your approach is ‘cool’ rather than ‘creepy’ How do you ensure that consumers are happy to share the relevant data to enable personalisation and is this a big challenge? Customers don’t need to share data for us to be able to deliver personalised content, they just need to accept that we use cookies on our website to improve the overall browsing experience when they visit us online.

  • Nov 21, 2014
  • 4 min
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Are you using transactional emails to their full potential?

Did you realise that there’s a goose laying golden eggs on your website that you’ve failed to make the most of? Traditionally, web retailers have sent two different types of emails to customers: the first is when you want to run a special promotion, or to highlight particular special deals on certain items, or perhaps to send a newsletter. These emails are written by the marketing department. The second are the emails that the website itself sends in response to some kind of customer action - things like signing up as a new user, or forgetting your password, or an order confirmation, or making an enquiry and getting an automated thanks-for-your-message in response.